How Do Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

motorcycle and helmet on floor after crashing into a car

For anyone who has ever encountered a motorcycle on the road or operates a motorcycle, the dangers are easily apparent. Motorcyclists take up less space, are easier to miss in blind spots, and many people aren’t aware of the potential dangers that those on motorcycles face.

Far too often, the causes of motorcycle accidents can be attributed to the actions of drivers in passenger vehicles and their negligence. Understanding the causes can help you recognize what rights you have to move forward with a claim and/or legal action.

Left Turn Accidents

Many motorcycle accidents occur at intersections either when the driver is turning left or the motorcyclist is making the left. For instance, in the event of a driver making a left turn, they may feel as though they can complete the turn before the motorcyclist enters the intersection. If they time it incorrectly, the motorcyclist can collide with the side of the vehicle and suffer significant injuries, potentially due to ejection.

If a motorcyclist is making a left turn, it’s important to be wary of drivers speeding up to make a traffic light.

Blind Spot Accidents

One of the biggest problems for countless drivers is checking blind spots before merging into another lane. Sure, they may look into their sideview and rearview mirrors; however, you don’t always see them take the quick second to glance to their blind spot.

When they don’t take this precaution, they run the risk of colliding with another vehicle that may be in that blind spot. Unfortunately, this may mean a motorcycle — which can cause the motorcyclist to lose control of his or her vehicle.


Speeding—whether it is the motorist or a motorcyclist—is one of the most dangerous actions that can be done with a vehicle. Significant crashes happen because of speeding and many of them result in catastrophic injuries.

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