Do Helmets Prevent Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents?

motorcyclist holding helmet

You hear the advice all the time: “Be sure to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.” It’s the best way to help in the event of a crash, but some individuals have an idea that a helmet can prevent all injuries from occurring. While there are many benefits to having a helmet, you should also drive as safely as possible because these helmets can only protect so much.

Even with a Helmet, Concussions are Possible

Do you know how concussions occur? Many are under the impression that concussions occur when there is any kind of impact with a person’s head. However, concussions can be sustained even if the head is not directly in contact with the ground, a part of a vehicle, or any other object.

Concussions occur when the brain is impacted. For instance, if a motorcyclist falls off his or her motorcycle and his or her head moves rapidly in a certain direction (even with a helmet on), it’s still possible for his or her brain to jolt inside of the skull.

This is the impact that causes a concussion. It’s the damage to the brain, not the skull, that results in significant injuries to occur. These injuries vary depending on how serious the impact is and can result in short-term memory loss, problems with cognitive abilities, and other issues.

Helmets Help, but They are not the Only Answer

Helmets are very helpful, but they don’t fully prevent injuries from occurring. Driving defensively and looking out for other drivers is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself safe. You should look out for drivers who may not be looking for their blind spots, swerving, speeding, or otherwise may be impaired in their abilities to operate their vehicles safely.

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