Safely Riding a Motorcycle in the Snow: What You Can Do to Stay Safe

motorcycle sitting on the side of a road covered with snow

Driving a Motorcycle in the Snow in Colorado

While there are some weather conditions where you wouldn’t want to be on a motorcycle—such as when it is actively snowing—there are times after snow falls that may be perfect for some people to take to the road.

This is a time, though, that requires riders to be as vigilant and safe as possible to prevent a serious accident from occurring. For motorcyclists, here are some of the things you should know about riding after snowfall when there is still snow on the ground.

Stay Below the Speed Limit

Speed limits are great to abide by, but when the weather is bad and there are potential dangers on the road, you want to slow down even further. It may be more difficult to stop with snow or ice on the ground. The faster you’re going, the more problematic it could be.

Give Yourself Room in Front and Behind You

Don’t follow too closely. You may be involved in a crash if the driver in front of you brakes suddenly and you’re unable to stop in time because of the inclement weather. This is often associated with the speed at which you’re travelling as well.

Avoid Significantly Impacted Roads

Some roads may face the impact of inclement weather more than others, especially if they’re already struggling with potholes and other problems. If you normally travel these dangerous roads, you may want to look for an alternate route until the weather begins to clear up or the dangers are no longer present.

Just because you operate your motorcycle safely doesn’t mean others are going to do the same in their vehicles. It’s imperative you look out for dangerous drivers and recognize ways to avoid serious harm. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent the actions of others, though, and serious accidents can occur.

How We Can Help

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