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In Colorado, every driver is required by law to have auto insurance. Most of us also have other kinds of insurance to protect ourselves and our families from financial disaster. We invest a lot of our time and money on what we hope is “good” insurance that will protect us. We expect our insurance company to treat us fairly, and to act reasonably and quickly when tragedy strikes and we need them the most.

Your insurance provider does not have to have the last word on this matter. Contact our Colorado Springs insurance attorneys today to request a free initial consultation.

Understanding Bad Faith

Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently deny valid claims. Even a “good” insurance company can increase its profits by deciding not to pay a claim. When an insurance company unreasonably denies a valid claim it can be held accountable for the unpaid benefits and damages in a “bad faith” lawsuit. Statistics over the last decade show a significant increase in the number of insurance bad faith cases.

When the insurance company you trusted to protect you denies your claim, you need a lawyer. The insurance company knows that time is on their side, and that many people will give up on a denied claim rather than take an insurance company to court. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers and experts at their disposal. Unless you have an attorney who is highly experienced and respected in handling insurance disputes, the insurance protection you paid for may end up being worthless.

You can “level the playing field” with experienced, aggressive and respected trial lawyers on your side. Gaddis, Herd, Craw & Adams, P.C.our insurance bad faith attorneys deal with insurance companies on a daily basis and have been successfully handling bad faith insurance claims for more than 35 years.

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