Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Adults, children, and babies all need water every day of their lives. In fact, after air, water is the most essential element needed to sustain human life. Because water plays such an important part in our everyday lives, it is important be aware of water sources that are contaminated with dangerous compounds which can threaten your health and longevity.

A recent article published by ProPublica reveals that the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Federal Department of Defense (DOD) have not properly identified dangerous levels of toxic contamination in drinking water systems across the United States.

The article cites scientists who warn that these federal agencies are not accurately reporting significant dangers. The agencies have either calibrated tests in a way that will not reveal harmful levels of chemical contamination, and/or have chosen not to use current, more accurate testing methods in order to deliberately understate the dangers and the widespread contamination across the United States.

According to analysis of information contained in an EPA contractor’s PowerPoint presentation, one perfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) scientists understand to cause harm is 4 times more prevalent in public drinking water than the EPA reports. With this new analysis, the Environmental Working Group now estimates that close to 110 million Americans are now at risk of being exposed to PFAS chemicals.

ProPublica also compared how the military checks for and measures PFAS-related contamination to more advanced methods of testing. Investigative journalists found that the military used tests that aren’t capable of detecting all the PFAS chemicals scientists believe to be present. Even with limited testing capabilities, the military still underreported its findings by sharing a limited sample of its data. Additionally, analysis shows that when the military did use advanced testing technology, it found substantially more pollution than what was reported to Congress.

To learn more about this water contamination, read this informative article:

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