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Gaddis, Herd, Craw & Adams, P.C. has more than four decades of experience assisting individuals and families with drafting wills, trusts, and other estate planning matters. When it comes to creating a will or a trust, it is critical that you understand your options and the implications it can have on your estate as well as your loved ones. Larry R. Gaddis, Esq., is an expert in the estate planning field and have effectively guided clients through a wide range of estate matter, both straightforward and complex.

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A will is a legal document that designates where your assets should go after your death and who should serve as executor or personal representative to settle your estate. Wills also dictate who can take care of your children when you are not around. If you pass away with a will, the state will decide who takes care of your children and where your assets will go.


A trust is a three-party arrangement that allows you, the "grantor," to transfer property to a "trustee," who will be responsible for managing the trust's property on behalf of the "beneficiary."

Trusts are multi-faceted tools that allow you to choose who you want to handle your trust and how your assets will pass to your beneficiaries. Although trusts offer many benefits, they may not always be the best legal option to deal with an estate. Factors such as types of investments, personal circumstances, and goals you want to achieve are some consideration that can influence whether to establish a trust and what kind. It is vital that you discuss with an attorney whether a trust is appropriate for you and how it can be effectively administered.

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When you've spent a lifetime growing your assets, make sure that you have an estate plan in place to protect your hard-earned wealth. If your estate falls in the category of our clients whose estates have complex financial assets that exceed millions of dollars, your estate plan may require a multifaceted and intricate strategy tailored to your specific situation. We can explore various tools such as asset protection, succession planning, tax minimization, and pension planning. Your attorney can provide you with a better idea of the right tools to use for your estate.

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