I've Been Struck by a Commercial Truck. What Should I Do?

Commercial Truck

Commercial trucks are usually larger scaled vehicles that are used for commercial purposes. However, any vehicle that is regularly used by a business to provide commercial services or carry commercial goods is classified as a commercial vehicle.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about 1 in 10 highway deaths are commercial truck-related accidents. Commercial vehicles can typically weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 times more than the average car, causing accident-related injuries to be much more severe.

What steps can I take?

  1. Call 911. As soon as you have been hit, you need to report the accident. If you can't do some because of your injuries, have someone else call. Don’t move anyone who suffers an injury unless there is a fire threat or other immediate emergency issues.
  2. Get the truck driver's information. You need to get the driver's first and last name, the company they work for, insurance information, license plate, and VIN if you can easily access it. Keep in mind that if any insurance adjusters are present on the scene, don't speak to them. Contact a lawyer and let them handle the communication between you and the insurance company.
  3. Take photos of the scene. It's important to be proactive and snap as many pictures as possible. This can help your claim process when it's time to provide supporting evidence for your case.
  4. Visit a doctor. Even if your injuries do not seem severe at the time of the accident, symptoms sometimes take days or even weeks to appear. Go to the doctor to get a medical examination and make sure there are no underlying issues you may not have seen coming.
  5. Contact a personal injury lawyer. When involved in a commercial-related accident, it could be beneficial to consider contacting a personal injury lawyer. It's essential to have a skilled professional on your side to guide you through the process.

We can help you

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