Colorado Car Accident Statistics

man with neck injury after car accident

We know how serious car accidents can be. They happen far too often, and they often leave individuals dealing with the physical, mental, and financial impact in the aftermath. They’re unfortunate events, but they do happen. When they do, it’s vital for the injured people to protect their rights.

In Colorado, there are a significant number of accidents that occur each year. Many of them result in fatal injuries. Others can cause life-altering harm. Recognizing how serious they are and where negligence may exist can help injured people and/or families pursue compensation through a claim or lawsuit.

Fatal Accidents in Colorado

According to the most recent year-end stats, Colorado saw a total of 595 fatalities in car accidents across the state. Most of these occurred in August, with July not far behind. These numbers aid in the theory that the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day are truly the 100 deadliest days.

Compared to 2018, during which there were 316 fatal injuries in auto accidents throughout the state, the number dramatically increased. It’s concerning to see that there is still a significant amount of negligence on the road and there are many people suffering harm because of someone else’s recklessness.

Causes of Car Accidents

The Colorado Department of Transportation has compiled crash data from 2005 through 2018 to detail some of the common causes of car accidents. The numbers by cause are as follows:

  • Lighting Conditions: 1,090,572 crashes in daylight, 71,118 at dawn or dusk, 249,381 at night in a lighted area, 147,928 at night in an unlighted area, and 277 unreported.
  • Road Conditions: 1,264,908 on dry roads, 109,152 on wet roads, 1,831 on muddy roads, 55,758 on snowy roads, 92,715 on icy roads, and 14,080 on slushy roads.
  • Human Contribution: 19,263 from drivers asleep at the wheel, 11,266 from fatigued drivers, 134,769 due to inexperienced drivers, 64,328 from aggressive driving, 74,297 involving drunk driving, and 180,375 involving a distracted driver.

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