Speedy Deliveries Increase the Risk of Crashes

Delivery truck driving down a road

When you investigate the statistics regarding truck accidents, you often read about large 18-wheelers. However, there is another danger on the road, and they are far more common in residential areas where countless vehicles and pedestrians travel: delivery trucks.

You see many companies make a promise of a quick delivery, sometimes even promoting same day service. What this means, however, is they’re giving delivery drivers strict deadlines to complete their jobs. In these situations, there often lies a priority of speed over safety.

Lack of Focus + Speed = Serious Dangers

In many cases, delivery drivers are scanning the streets looking for a specific address. Of course, with a deadline on their mind, they may be traveling too fast for the street on which they’re driving. This combination makes it nearly impossible to react promptly to avoid a severe crash.

As delivery drivers look for their next home, they can miss stop signs or other traffic signals. They may also be trying to use their GPS, which can potentially remove at least one hand from the steering wheel, as well as take their focus off the road.

As another driver or pedestrian, if a delivery truck driver collides into you, it’s vital to recognize your rights and options to legal action. Unfortunately, you should also recognize the potential issues when the company subcontracts the delivery driver to avoid liability.

At Gaddis, Herd, Craw & Adams, P.C., we know the issues that may arise when pursuing a claim for compensation after you suffer injuries in a delivery truck accident. Should a delivery truck driver crash into you, make sure you take the necessary steps of obtaining contact information, insurance information, and what company he or she is currently working for when the crash occurred.

Our Colorado Springs personal injury lawyers can work with you to determine what options you have to pursue the compensation you need moving forward. Let us help you obtain the justice you deserve.

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