A Victim's Guide: What to Do After a Car Accident

man taking picture of car damage

Far too often, people act in a manner that is considered reckless and negligent. When this happens on the road, serious car accidents can occur and individuals can suffer catastrophic injuries as a result of the collision. Many individuals, though, are unaware of the steps to take after a crash to protect their rights.

When this happens, it’s imperative that you know what comes next and what you should do to give yourself the most favorable chance at pursuing a successful claim. Immediately following a crash, don’t panic; instead, here are some steps you can take to safeguard the evidence you need moving forward.

Collecting the Necessary Information from the Other Driver

Once the accident has occurred, the dust has settled a bit, and you and other individuals have moved off to the side of the road, you should start to exchange information. This includes contact information for the at-fault driver, their driver’s license information, and other important aspects.

One of the biggest things, though, is getting the other driver’s insurance information. When the other driver is responsible for the crash and subsequent injuries, the claim will go through their insurance company for compensation. You’ll want to provide their insurance contact information to your insurance provider and legal team.

Get Some Pictures for Evidence

If you’re able to, snapping some photos to use as evidence can be very beneficial to your case. This includes pictures of the following:

  • Missing traffic signals or road dangers, as well as signs of negligence such as tire marks from heavy braking
  • Damage to all vehicles, including location on the vehicle and how serious the damage is
  • Any and all visible injuries that may have been sustained

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but in the matter of a car accident claim and/or lawsuit, it can prove to be absolutely imperative.

Report the Accident with Authorities and Your Insurance Company

Reporting the accident to the authorities is necessary because it allows you to get your statement on record as quickly as possible. It also helps when injuries are involved and medical care is needed, as well as reporting any acts of serious neglect that may have occurred—drinking or texting while driving.

Of course, reporting it to your insurance company also helps to open up the claims process so you can begin pursuing the compensation you need.

Start Your Medical Treatment

Far too often, people refuse medical treatment because they don’t feel the immediate effects of the crash. The truth is, some injuries can take days or even weeks to manifest. Getting medical treatment immediately puts your health first and allows you to start receiving treatment.

Another benefit of medical treatment is the medical record. This is something that can be used as evidence on your behalf, proving that you did in fact suffer an injury as a result of the other party’s negligence.

Hire a Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Protecting your rights on your own can seem impossible when going up against a large corporation and their legal teams. This makes hiring a lawyer one of the most important steps you can take following a car accident.

An attorney can help you understand your rights, provide a statement to the insurance companies, and prevent you from encountering obstacles that may seem insurmountable on your own. Having legal representation gives you a voice you may not otherwise have in this situation.

At Gaddis, Herd, Craw & Adams, P.C., we take our clients rights and safeguard them through the complex legal process. We’re well aware of how negligence can cause significant injuries, and we aim to hold the responsible parties fully accountable for their actions.

Our Colorado Springs car accident attorneys aim to help you secure the maximum compensation possible, so you can move forward after this stressful situation. Let us be in your corner and put your best interests first.

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