Who Can be Responsible in a Crash?

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Whenever you suffer an injury in a crash, there are many factors that come into play when pursuing compensation. One of the factors you must consider is liability, which means you have someone else who is negligent in causing the crash and you can hold them accountable for your damages.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for you to understand the various parties who may be responsible for your damages, and it’s easy to assume only one party will be at-fault. We’re here to help you understand who can be responsible, and you may not even know it.

The Other Driver

As is the case in most accidents that occur, the other driver is often responsible whenever he or she is negligent. Whether that person is texting and driving, intoxicated, fatigued, speeding, or in any other way reckless, if they cause the crash to occur, they can be held liable.

The steps you take at the scene of the accident can help you show that the other driver is accountable, but you should recognize the potential signs of negligence. These signs include swerving in and out of lanes, speeding up and slowing down, braking erratically, and more.

Third Parties

There may be other entities, companies, or individuals responsible for a crash. These are just a few of those situations:

  • Manufacturers: In some situations, auto parts can be defective or fail when you need them most, such as your brakes. If this is the cause of you suffering harm in a crash, the manufacturer of the part can be liable for your injuries.
  • Government entities: Certain government entities are liable for ensuring there are no road dangers or hazards that can cause an accident. For instance, if a crash occurs because of a missing traffic signal, the government entity responsible for maintenance may be liable.

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