Preparing for your deposition: Be Yourself-Be True to Yourself

Depositions are all about the truth. It’s your opportunity to say what happened to you and to express yourself.

Go over in your mind’s eye what happened, how you were feeling, exactly what you saw, what you heard, the colors, the smell, how the scene unfolded. ACT OUT what happened. This is your opportunity to remember and work through what has happened as a result of your injury.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, it’s hard to get to the inner places and relive difficult events. But this is YOUR Case and YOUR truth—what you need to tell the Jury.

Be honest with yourself and your lawyer. If your lawyer suggests another version of the events, run for the hills—you need a new lawyer!

A lawyer may ask probing questions to get you deeper and closer to the truth, but she NEVER changes your story and the essential you. She might help you find what’s there but will never change your truth.

Trials are about truth, finding the facts and presenting those to a jury. A jury will know if you’re not being honest. You owe it to the Jury and to Yourself, to Be Honest, and Tell Them What Happened.

And the fact is, these injuries are hard enough.