Jury Verdict for Derry Adam's Client

On November 2, 2015, Colorado’s Jury Verdict Reporter announced an El Paso County Jury’s Verdict entered in the amount of $437,667 for Derry Adam’s client in a medical malpractice action. The Plaintiff established her treating obstetrician left ureteral stents in her abdomen after a hysterectomy. The stents were not removed until a year later. Plaintiff had offered to settle the case for $210,000, before trial while the Defendant doctor made no offer to settle the case.

Rather than accept responsibility, the physician’s insurer wrote the following:

“We wish to alert your client that upon prevailing in litigation, COPIC Insurance Company takes its right
to recovery of costs very seriously. In previous litigation, we have been very successful in pursuing all
costs awarded by the courts. Your client can expect that COPIC will pursue its right to the fullest extent
of the law. This means that your client has a huge downside risk if her case results, as we are confident
it will, in a defense verdict."

The Jury was dedicated to the case and asked penetrating questions throughout the trial. An alternate juror even returned to the courtroom to hear the verdict read in court. The outcome of the trial has tremendously helped the plaintiff and her young family.

The Plaintiff is grateful for the justice provided, for the jury’s hard work and its recognition and willingness to hold the defendant responsible. The right to trial by jury was strongly affirmed!